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The weather in Lisse

Our garden is in bloom in  August and September.
You are welcome for a visit.

     In Bloei © Verwer Dahlias

The history of dahliaculture in Europe goes back to the early 19th century. Since then dahlias have been known and loved by many as a gardenplant with many various abilities.
Welcome to the site of Verwer-Dahlias, one of the leading dahlia innovators in the Netherlands.
It will be our pleasure to show you around and tell some more about our product: Dahlias..

     Pictures © Verwer

We give some general information, cultural advises and show lots of photographs.
We hope you will enjoy the site.

Pictures © Verwer
What's New

5 juli  2015

De eerste bloemen beginnen te kleuren.
Tijd voor steunmateriaal en gaas.


Our Dahlia 'Karma Choc' was elected
Mainau Dahliakönigin 2010

And Again
In 2011 this beautiful dahlia was elected Dahliakönigin by the many visitors of  Blumeninsel Mainau

   Karma Choc © Verwer
Update: 23 nov. 2016     © text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL